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Martina White is a fighter for Northeast Philadelphia, a finance professional, and a four-term State Representative born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia. She first won her seat in a 2015 special election and has been reelected three times. As the only representative of Philadelphia serving in the state legislature's majority, she is a crucial voice for our city in Harrisburg. Rep. White serves in State House leadership as Caucus Secretary.

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Albert Taubenberger is a long standing dedicated loyalist to the Philadelphia Republican City Committee. Mr. Taubenberger’s Philadelphia republican career spans decades and has encompassed virtually every level of the Philadelphia political party. Al has been active in the ward level as a committeeman and ward leader for countless years. He has risen from the ward executive level to a city council staffer and ultimately an elected member of Philadelphia City Council.


Mr.Taubenberger has also succeeded in his professional business life as well. Al served as the president of The Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce with great distinction for a number of years before joining City Council. There is no greater accomplishment on Al’s impressive resume than that of his loving and beautiful family. He is the proud father of four wonderful children and a loving husband to his wife Joanne Brenner-Taubenberger.


Al lives and breathes Northeast Philadelphia and is a proud and dedicated member of St. Cecelia’s Roman Catholic Church in the Fox Chase area of the city. Alongside that he is also a loyal and devoted member of the 63rd Ward Republican Committee. Al is the proud son of German Immigrants, who came to America in the 1930’s to seek a better life for themselves and their family. This is where he acquired his hard work ethic and his insatiable patriotic values. Al loves his family, his city, his neighborhood and his country to indescribable measures!

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Mark is a lifelong resident of the Riverwards, he has attended school here, started a family here and has coached many sports teams here and continues to this day. Mark is a “neighborhood guy” always there
for a fellow neighbor for whatever they may need. If it is a cleanup, charity fundraiser, or a rally for our police he is always there. You may even find an Easter egg around the neighborhood filled with treats that Mark has left for his community. The number one asset Mark brings to the table is his commitment to his community and everyone in it. It is that same commitment that has prompted Mark to run for the State House in the 177 the district.

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Kionna West, big city girl with big ideas to change the city of Philadelphia. A mother of one and the eldest of three, Kionna discovered her passion for serving. In her youth she sought to volunteer; partnering with local non-profits for neighborhood clean-up, rebuilding impoverished schools and aiding in donation drives for inner-city students.

One of Kionna's most passionate topics comes from personal experience; having to endure motherhood and childhood hardships relating to domestic violence. She vowed to become a voice and advocate for women experiencing abuse. She supports the VAWA Act.

Finding a way to give back to her community; she worked first with friends and family to develop skills that weren't being taught in inner city schools.  Skills she later offered to high school age students in professional development.

Kionna's professional career encompasses more than half a decade of banking and finance experience; gaining professional recognition from one of the nation's largest bank. Kionna plans to use this knowledge and experience requesting resources for programs and local projects that benefit the community.

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Marjilyn is a lifelong resident of South Philadelphia, attending grade school at Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Mount Carmel parishes. She attended high school at Saint Maria Goretti, and earned a B.A. from LaSalle University, all located in Philadelphia.

She was raised in a working class "long shore" Union family, who instilled in her the value of hard work. Her husband is a proud Steamfitters Local 420 Union member. She work as a full-time Senior Associate Analyst.

She has been an advocate for her South Philadelphia area for many years, also serving as a City Committee Person for the 1st Ward, 17th precinct. She was recently elected for a 2nd term for City Committee. She is also the Ward Leader for the 1st Ward. She was also elected as a Representative for State Committee, serving the 3rd Congressional District.

She loves her South Philadelphia neighborhood, but is saddened and concerned by what she feels is a deterioration of many quality of life issues that have made her neighborhood so special for generations. She would like to have the opportunity to introduce and vote on bills that would represent the interests of the good, hardworking people of South Philadelphia, especially on issues such as education, improving our economy, and fighting crime.



AARON BASHIR is a proud American Christian, an educator, an entrepreneur, a husband, and a father of three children.


Aaron’s vision is to make Philadelphia, a safer and a desirable place to live and work in. AARON BASHIR wants to make Philadelphia a safer city with better performing schools. AARON BASHIR believes in stronger economy with secure borders and the policies that would put American people first. AARON’s emphasis is on lower taxes and smaller government to strengthen working families with a specific focus on creating and sustaining well paying jobs for hard working families. AARON BASHIR is a strong advocate of seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and small business owners. AARON BASHIR would focus on:


AARON BASHIR would strive to make lives of all the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania residents safer and secure by providing full support to law enforcement agencies and mutual cooperation to neighborhood residents, community leaders, faith based institutions, small business owners and our police officers to preserve the quality of life for all of us where we can live a happy life and raise our families in a safer environment to fulfill our American dream.  

We need safer neighborhoods, and AARON BASHIR would definitely work hard to reduce violence and crimes through community engagements to find common sense solutions of our problems with insights from all the stake holders. United, Safer, and Secure Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and America is in every one’s best interest, and that is what AARON BASHIR wants to achieve for us.


Aaron would optimize and utilize our resources to create and secure IT, Trade, and energy-related jobs since Pennsylvania is the nation’s second-largest natural energy source.  Also, advocating for Small Businesses, Working Families, Jobs, School Choice, Family Values, America First Policies, is AARON BASHIR’s agenda. Fighting for Seniors, Veterans, Students, People with Disabilities and supporting our communities and Police Officers will be Aaron’s top priority.


AARON BASHIR would strive to bring unity and mutual understanding in our neighborhoods. Regardless of political affiliations, color, race, ethnicity, beliefs, preferences, and differences, Aaron would stand for all of us for protecting our interests and rights. We need a voice in congress, and AARON BASHIR would be our real voice. Let’s stand together to vote for AARON BASHIR. God bless America!

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Todd Johnson - (CANDIDATE) State Senate District 4

Todd Johnson is running for PA State Senate in the 4th district which encompasses Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. Philadelphia County includes Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy, Germantown and West Oak Lane. Montgomery county includes Abington, Cheltenham, Jenkintown, Rockledge and Springfield.


Todd was born and raised in Philadelphia. He graduated from J.S. Jenks Elementary School, Frankford High School and Geneva College with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management. He is a Block Captain on Uber Street where he has lived for over 50 years. He is a Ward Leader in the 17th Ward and Pastor of the First Immanuel Baptist Church for over 10 years. He was also the former President of Belfield Area Neighbors Association and TV producer and host of LaSalle University TV show Bridging the Gap.


Remember to vote Todd Johnson for PA State Senate, District 4, on November 8th!


Drew Murray - (CANDIDATE) City Council At-Large

Drew Murray was born and raised in the Philadelphia suburb of Villanova, PA. His four years attending St. Joseph's Prep at 17th & Girard made him fall in love with the vibrancy of Philadelphia. After St. Joseph's Prep, Drew received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. In January of 2002, Drew received his Master of Business Administration from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Drew is the proud husband of Kristy Moses Murray and father of two daughters, Scarlett and Alexandra. He moved to the Logan Square neighborhood in 2004. Driven by the Jesuit ideal instilled in him at St. Joseph's Prep, Drew became heavily engaged in serving his community. In 2011 he became a Board Member of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA), as well as the President of the Friends of Coxe Park. As a Board Member, Drew helped start an annual school fair whose purpose is to demonstrate to young parents that there are numerous educational opportunities available to young children in the City of Philadelphia. From 2015 to 2019, Drew served as President of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. In addition to being a Board Member of LSNA, Drew serves as the Chairman to the Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition, is a Board Member of the Center City District, is on the Finance Council of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul and is the leader of Philadelphia's 15th Ward. Drew has proven to be a dynamic leader in both his professional career and his civic engagement.

Drew has spent the entirety of his career at O'Brien Systems, Inc. In his role as Regional Sales Manager, Drew has managed thousands of projects and has over 25 years of experience in the design, supply and installation of high density storage systems and casework solutions

Drew's proven track record of leadership is what makes him an ideal candidate for City Council. In this challenging and sometime toxic political environment, leadership and a moral compass are paramount to our country, our state and the City of Philadelphia. Drew offers a Republican view that provides a balance of perspective needed in Philadelphia's City Council. 

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Jim Hasher - (CANDIDATE) City Council At-Large

Jim Hasher was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, where he currently resides and works. Jim, together with his dear wife Stacie, raised 5 sons in the Torresdale neighborhood. 

Being ingrained in the community around him, Jim spends ample time leading several volunteer organizations that provide opportunities for the youth of our city to flourish and grow. Jim has served for 25 years as the Athletic Director and President of Torresdale Boys Club, one of the 

largest youth clubs in Philadelphia. Jim also founded the Northeast Sting, a prominent AAU basketball program that has served thousands of players and provided a unique opportunity for boys of all ages to not only participate in high-level basketball competition all over the country, but to grow and connect with players from all over the city. Jim continues to coach for both Torresdale and St. Katherine of Siena, his home Catholic Church where he celebrates Mass weekly. In addition to his volunteerism, he often facilitates fundraisers for young fighters to travel and participate in out-of-state boxing tournaments- a cause he has been passionate about since his own young days in the ring. 

Professionally, Jim has found success through multiple avenues in his 35 years in business. He is the president of Hasher Realty, Inc., providing superior full-service real estate expertise in Philadelphia since 1991. More recently, Jim has ventured into the service industry as the owner and operator of Jimmy's Timeout Sports Pub; transforming a local eyesore into a cherished and celebrated neighborhood restaurant. Jim's other ventures over the years include RE/MAX Metropolitan, Inc, First Platinum Abstract, and Pro-Tec Restoration, Inc.- all of which have contributed to Jim's unique knowledge and experience around small business in Philadelphia.


Jim's expertise is not solely limited to business and his community; he is also well-versed and experienced in the public offices in Philadelphia. He was appointed Chief Deputy in Charge for Community Affairs for the PA Athletic Commission; served as the 65th Ward Leader; ran as a Congressional Candidate for the 3rd Congressional District in 1994; and managed a victorious campaign for a Republican candidate for a Council at-large seat in 2004. Jim's actions in the city of Philadelphia speak for themselves. His selfless work in his community and surrounding areas serves and provides for the young men and women that will lead our city in the future. He understands the necessary support that is needed for the small businesses and working-class families that make up our cherished city communities. He is already doing the tremendously integral work to better his neighborhood and improve the quality of life in Philadelphia. That dedication and effort will only continue with additional resources, leadership and collaboration in the position of City Council


James Whitehead - (CANDIDATE) City Council District 7 Special Election

James was born and raised in Frankford, Philadelphia. He grew up in a Single parent home, along with 6 siblings. Raised in poverty, he graduated high school in the Philadelphia public school system. It was very challenging, and the level of education wasn’t really good, so he knew he would need to do a lot more learning. As a young teen he would go to his local library and read as many books as he could to catch up to college level readiness.


At an early age he was placed into the custody of the state. His grandmother fought to the very end to win him back into the family. Growing up in the inner city, there wasn’t much opportunity so he had to overcome a lot of adversity, but he was determined to win and be something better than what he was used to seeing. He lost friends to gun violence and drug use, battled with chronic homelessness, and depression. He would often pray and ask the lord to give him the strength to succeed and the will and determination to make it out of the vicious cycle. He started a business, purchased his first property, along with other great accomplishments he made in his life. He has 2 beautiful children who he will be raising in the world.

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