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Five Hundred Concerned Philadelphia Residents Say NO to "Safe" Heroin Injection Sites in our City!

The Philadelphia Republican City Committee announces signatures of over 500 concerned Philadelphians who reject the normalization of heroin use in our neighborhoods, and call on the Biden Administration to say no to further drug abuse and crime on our streets.

March 8, 2023

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — The Philadelphia Republican City Committee, a growing voice for Philadelphians who have been left behind by the city’s political establishment, announced that as the Biden Administration considers allowing “safe” heroin usage in our neighborhoods, five hundred concerned Philadelphians, across the political spectrum and from every neighborhood, reject the opening of “safe” heroin injection sites in their neighborhoods:

“Heroin Injection Sites are illegal and harmful. I opposed them as a Councilman and I will oppose them as Mayor,” said former City Councilman David Oh, the Republican-endorsed candidate for Mayor in the 2023 municipal elections. “We should help those suffering from addiction escape their suffering, not enable them to remain trapped in a state of misery.”

“There is no such thing as 'safe' heroin usage,” said Drew Murray, an endorsed Republican candidate for City Council At-Large. “Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such, but enabling addicts with sponsored injection sites and normalizing drug use harms both those addicts trapped in the cycle of addiction and surrounding communities where sites are located. The proposed injection sites will invite further illegal drug use and illegal drug sales.

Jim Hasher, another endorsed Republican candidate for City Council At-Large, added: "’Safe’ injection sites cannot be the final solution to Philadelphia's opioid issue. We should be vigorously searching for an end to the flow of these addictive and dangerous substances into our city. Providing resources and assistance to those struggling with addiction can be prioritized without encouraging deadly activity at these sites. The future of our city depends on a swift, common-sense approach to lift our city and its citizens out of this epidemic as soon as possible."

City Councilman Brian O’Neill, the endorsed Republican for reelection to the Tenth Council District in Northeast Philadelphia, added: “I strongly oppose heroin injection sites. I will continue to support communities that oppose them in their neighborhood.”

Drew Murray concluded: “Nobody wants to step over needles while they're taking their kids to school, or more drug dealers in their neighborhood.”


The Philadelphia Republican Party, chaired by Republican ward leader Vincent Fenerty, is fighting to protect the rights of Philadelphians in a city that is being run by far-left Democrats. We are urban leaders across Philadelphia putting conservative principles into action. We are fighting to keep the Philadelphia Dream alive by recruiting new Republicans from all walks of life from across our city, continuing the positive momentum in building our Party, training future leaders and electing Republican candidates in 2023 and beyond.


Sign on! Let your elected officials know you do NOT support heroin injection sites in our neighborhoods. Sign & Share the petition now!

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