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Next Up for Philly Police Commissioner: Somebody Who Actually Cares about Fighting Crime

Philly GOP Chair Vince Fenerty calls for a skilled, knowledgeable officer to take over after Danielle Outlaw’s failed time as Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner.

September 5, 2023

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — the Philadelphia Republican City Committee and its Chairman Vince Fenerty responded to the news of Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw “failing up” to another post, as she leaves the city in a worse place than she found it:


Vince Fenerty, chairman of the Philadelphia Republican City Committee (Philly GOP) said this: “Danielle Outlaw’s time as Police Commissioner was characterized by a total failure to police the city’s streets, leaving the city a much more violent, unsafe, and tumultuous place than when she took office in February of 2020. If you are a resident of Philadelphia, chances are you have heard a gunshot near your door in the time since Outlaw took over; chances are you know somebody who has been robbed, carjacked, shot or killed.”


Fenerty continued: “The Philadelphia Republican City Committee calls on our Mayor to finally do something to fight crime and lawlessness that is victimizing people from all walks of life in our city: to appoint a qualified Police Commissioner based on their skills and approach and not because they are an outsider. This should be somebody from the ranks of our great Philadelphia Police Department who knows our city, our neighborhoods and our frontline commanders and officers and will not need a GPS and a social justice tool kit to familiarize themselves with the problems we face.”


Fenerty concluded: “No more outsiders to run the PPD! We have qualified men and women on our force already.”


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