Philadelphia Republican City Committee
Philadelphia Republican City Committee


On behalf of the Philadelphia Republican Party, we welcome you. 

We're dedicated to challenging the corruption, cronyism and complacency that have held our city back through decades of one-party rule. 

Please see some of our blog posts below, check us out on Twitter and Facebook, and add your name to our email listserv to your right for engaging updates on what we're up to. Finally, consider supporting our efforts and making a donation. Even a small donation will allow us to finally give voters a choice and challenge one-party rule in Philadelphia. 


Disgraced Former AG Kathleen Kane Sentenced to 10-23 Months in Prison

FOR leaking confidential grand jury materials, perjuring herself with professional zeal, and poisoning the State Attorney General’s office with a suicide-bunker mentality, Kathleen Kane deserves a hefty prison sentence and to never be seen in public eye again. She is truly a disgrace to the office she held and the good people who enforce the law in our state.

Chairman Joe DeFelice Testifies in Front of House Governance Committee

Tuesday October 4, 2016, 11:15 AM

Pennsylvania State Capitol


Chairman Metcalfe, Democratic Chair Cohen, Members of the Committee:

PA Legislature Moves to END Sanctuary Cities

Joseph J DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party, released a statement encouraging the PA State House to pass HB 1885 and end Mayor Kenney's dangerous, inane Sanctuary Cities policy:

Op-Ed: Dems' Plans for Soda Tax Involves Lining their Own Pockets

Illegal Immigrant Criminals Released into Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Mayor Kenney’s Sanctuary City policy has led directly to the release of three criminals into our neighborhoods. Luckily, the feds were able to track them down and they will now be deported – though the fact that they were released into our neighborhoods in the first place highlights Mayor Kenney’s policy of ignoring federal law.


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