Philadelphia Republican City Committee
Philadelphia Republican City Committee


On behalf of the Philadelphia Republican Party, we welcome you. 

We're dedicated to challenging the corruption, cronyism and complacency that have held our city back through decades of one-party rule. 

Please see some of our blog posts below, check us out on Twitter and Facebook, and add your name to our email listserv to your right for engaging updates on what we're up to. Finally, consider supporting our efforts and making a donation. Even a small donation will allow us to finally give voters a choice and challenge one-party rule in Philadelphia. 


Is Hillary Guilty? The American People Say Yes

"It was a foregone conclusion that President Obama, who has served as among the most divisive Commanders in Chief in American history, would use his clout to protect presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton no matter her guilt," said Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party. "James Comey's statement which blasts Hillary but declines to recommend prosecution is a classic example of Doublethink: all of the words would indicate prosecution, but the political pressure means that he has declined to recommend it.

Statement on Chaka Fattah Resignation

Today our Chairman, Joe DeFelice, released the following statement on the resignation of Congressman Chaka Fattah:


Chaka Fattah Convicted: Resign Your Seat!

          This afternoon Congressman Chaka Fattah become the second member of his immediate family to be convicted of corruption charges, after a jury found him guilty of misusing federal funds and campaign contributions to pad his own wallet.  

Shame: Philadelphia Becomes First Major U.S. City to Tax Beverages

          It’s official: after a months-long debate that counts among the most disingenuous in the city’s history, Council has ushered in a new tax on beverages that at the last minute will funnel money into our General Fund and tax diet beverages as well as sugary ones. All the Democrats on Council but one ignored all arguments to the contrary to rubber-stamp the Mayor’s 1.5 cents per ounce tax that will fall disproportionately on the poorest Philadelphians.

City Democrats: Don't Drink Anything, and Eat Dirt

        During the months-long debate around the Mayor’s proposed soda tax, we had heard the same argument over and over again: This is for the kids. Now, as Council agreed in a voice vote to advance a “compromise” bill to likely passage, an 11th-hour change means that much of the tax revenue is going to the city’s general fund, rather than to “universal” Pre-K, as defined by the Mayor.


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