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Philly GOP Statement on Anti-Jewish Terrorism and Those Who Support It:

The Philadelphia Republican Party condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attacks against the Israeli people by Hamas terrorists, which has now claimed the lives of nearly 1,000 civilians for the crime of being Jewish and living in Israel. We stand with the Jewish community in Philadelphia and around the world. We also deplore the terrorist sympathizers who took the opportunity to celebrate the attacks (as marchers did in Philadelphia) or make excuses for the attackers, including the Chief of Staff for far-left Philadelphia State Senator Nikil Saval, George Donnelly, who celebrated the attacks in now-deleted retweets, and the "Democratic Socialists of America," who have more in common with the National Socialists of Germany (Nazis), and who are supporting the Far-Left Working Families Party in this year's elections.


There is no "but" that comes after the words, "terrorism and violence against civilians is wrong," and we condemn in the strongest terms the bad actors, instigators and apologists who have decided that for Jewish victims of terror, the rules are different than for anybody else.



The Philadelphia Republican Party is the premier organization fighting to protect the people's civil rights. Your financial support helps us in our mission to recruit, train, and elect the next generation of urban Republican leaders across Philadelphia. Please support us with a generous gift so we can engage and activate more urban people who believe in a brighter future for Philadelphia.



We are urban leaders across Philadelphia putting conservative principles into action. We are the future of the Republican Party and we are fighting to keep the American Dream alive by recruiting new urban conservatives, training future leaders and electing Republican candidates.




We had a tremendous slate of candidates running to represent Philadelphia at the state and local level in 2022.  We are asking for your continued support of these great people.


Learn who your federal, state, and local officials are and what they stand for


Homicides are at historic highs in our city. Criminals on our streets are stealing the lives of our youth and ripping away any comfort of safety families and business owners once had in our neighborhoods.  We believe in fully funding law enforcement so they can pursue community policing.  We want the District Attorney to fully prosecute criminals who break our laws and terrorize our communities.  We fight to protect the constitutional rights of citizens across Philadelphia.  

School Choice means ensuring equal access to high quality education options for all children regardless of their zip code or unique personal learning needs.  We support education funding for healthy and safe schools as well as funding that follows the student to the educational institution of their choice whether that's public, public charter, private, parochial, home school, or other alternative schooling option that is in the best interest of Pennsylvania's students and their future.


Government incentivizes the behaviors it wants to see.  Create an environment where family sustaining jobs can flourish, and existing small businesses can grow.  Public private partnerships can be used to create investment and financing opportunities across the city, especially in high unemployment areas.  Grow and train our workforce to meet the demands of a twenty-first century economy.  Remove barriers to entry for startups and allow job creators, employees, and consumers to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets by reducing over burdensome government mandates, regulations and taxes. 

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