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The youngest of six children, born and raised in a strong Catholic family, Sam Oropeza is a trained tradesman, local real estate professional, community activist, professional fighter, and parent uniquely qualified to serve the working families of the Northeast in the Pennsylvania Senate.


Sam Oropeza knows the career politicians will talk and talk without ever addressing the actual challenges we face. He’ll bring a different way to Harrisburg – one of an actual fighter who has struggled and succeeded in life – working hard from a very young age to expand opportunity for his family, his fellow workers, and his entire community. He’s certainly not another career politician.


At age 10, Oropeza witnessed his mother struggle and overcome the loss of his father to provide hope, opportunity, and a quality education for her children. Her fight inspired him to work hard through high school – where he wrestled for all four years – and then graduate from what is today the Williamson College of Mechanical Trades. He knows a quality education that includes choice for all students and their families is key to making Philadelphia better.


As a successful tradesman, Oropeza started his career at the Sunoco refinery. The birth of his daughter committed him to a challenging and difficult transition from the refinery to the world of commercial real estate. After watching his mom do what she had to to support her family, Sam knew he could make the change – getting hired by a local firm to start his new career. Through more hard work and determination, Oropeza partnered with investors and developers to start his own real estate business in the Harrowgate section of the city. 


Sam’s work in real estate development led to the creation of his own non-profit, Rescuing Streets through Clean Ups (RSCU). His charity partners with local civic organizations and city government to clean up Philadelphia neighborhoods, remove trash, and fight illegal dumping in neighborhoods like Port Richmond and Kensington. To date, they’ve successfully completed 15 neighborhood clean ups, removing more than 20 tons of trash from the streets.


Through it all, Oropeza learned to fight – both figuratively and literally. While at Sunoco, he started training in the ring with Eddie Alvarez at the Fight Factory in Fishtown. Oropeza has had 18 professional fights – 16 mixed martial arts fights and two pro-boxing matches. Today, he continues to mentor youth in the sport - including working with two incredible local fighters, Joe Pyfer, the UFC veteran, and Zed Montanez who is undefeated - helping the next generation of young fighters achieve their goals.


Now Sam is called to fight for taxpayers, working families, and the neighborhoods of the Northeast in the State Senate. He knows people are tired of politics, the political machine, and the career politicians who just talk without ever solving our common challenges. Oropeza is dedicated to fighting for commonsense progress on crime and public safety, education, and job creation to make things happen and make a real difference in the lives of his fellow Philadelphians. 


Oropeza is a River Ward resident with his fiancé Amanda, their two young children, Jenny and John, and their two dogs, Stella and Roxanne.

20170602_142843[3752] - Miss West.JPG


Kionna West, Big city girl with big ideas to change the city of Philadelphia. A mother of one and the eldest of three, Kionna discovered her passion for serving.  In her youth she sought to volunteer; partnering with local non-profits for neighborhood clean-up, rebuilding impoverished schools and aiding in donation drives for inner-city students.

One of Kionna's most passionate topics comes from personal experience; having to endure motherhood and childhood hardships relating to domestic violence.  She vowed to become a voice and advocate for women experiencing abuse.  She supports the VAWA Act.

Finsing a way to give back to her community; she worked first with friends and family to develop skills that weren't being taught in inner city schools.  Skills she later offered to high school age students in professional development, resume workshops and interviewing skills aligned with their professional goals.

Kionna's professional career encompasses more than half a decade of banking and finance experience; gaining professional recognition from one of the nation's larges bank.  Kionna plans to use this knowledge and experience requesting resources for programs and local projects that benefit the community.

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PA House Caucus Chairs                            Endorsed Candidates     

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170 Joe Geidemann                                    170    Martina White
172 Al Taubenberger                                   172   Al Taubenberger
173 Chris Vogler        
174 Al Taubenberger        
175 Mike Cibik        
177 Kevin Pasquay                                      177    Mark Lavelle
179 Pete Smith        
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181 Vince Fenerty          
182 Josh Novotney                                       182    Albert Ivan Robles Montas
184 Terry Dintino                                           184    Marjilyn Murray
185 Terry Dintino        
186 Andy Gentch                                          186    Sandra Chheng
190 Joseph Samuel        
191 Craig Meladosian        
192 Lamont Forman        
194 Walt Vogler    
195 Drew Murray                                           195    Bisola Taiwo
197 David Torres        
198 Carnel Harley        
200 Calvin Tucker                                           200    Kionna West
201 Connie Winters                                        201    Daishaneen Wallace
202 Gary Grisafi        
203 Brandon Brown                                        203    Gary Grisafi
PA Senate Caucus Chair                                 Endorsed Candidates      
2 Chris Vogler                                                  2    Michael Couch
4 Connie Winters                                             4    Todd Johnson
5 Kevin Pasquay                                             5    Sam Oropeza
8 Ross Wolfe                                                   8    John Hayes
Congressional Caucus Chair        
District 2 - Bill Heeney                                    2    Aaron Bashir
District 3 - Calvin Tucker                                3    Michael Harvey
District 5 - Terry Dintino                                  5    David Galluch