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"If you don't believe punishment is a deterrent to crime, then leave because you're stupid.  Crimes must have consequences. They don't right now."

- Chuck Peruto





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VOTE NOV. 2, 2021

2020 - Past PA House of Representatives Candidates

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Lisa Goldman Riley Logo.jpg

Lisa Goldman Riley is a candidate for the 194th State Representative District.  Lisa is a dedicated mother and wife and a longtime member of the community.  She was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, and completed her undergraduate education at Penn State University.  She moved to Philadelphia after graduating law school. 


Lisa is passionate about bringing safety, cleaner streets, and mindful development to her community.  She endeavors to improve the school systems by auditing the Philadelphia Board of Education and providing improved choices for parents including more charter school options.  She will fight against safe injection sites in Harrisburg.

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Wanda Logan

190th district - pa house

“I am honored to be selected as a Republican candidate for the 190th district, but the work is just beginning in the fight against corruption in West Philadelphia”


“The voters deserve a competent community leader and businesswoman representing them. It’s time for a new direction, to change the tarnished reputation of politics-as-usual in the 190th. Let’s start putting the needs of the people first.”

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lou menna iV

184th district - pa house

Lou Menna the IV is a lifelong resident of South Philadelphia. His Great-Grandfather was an elected member of the State House in 1943, and his Grandfather was extremely active in Philadelphia Republican Party Politics.

Lou is a graduate of Girard Academic Music Program where he was extremely active in many aspects of the arts.  In his 20’s Lou suffered organ failure while undergoing routine surgery which has since placed him on regular dialysis treatments and the national kidney transplant registry.

Lou is a firm believer that a medical disability of any kind should not exclude a person from running for elected office, especially when it will not interfere with their duties.

Lou  is now following in his ancestors footsteps and is looking for help with fundraising his campaign.  By donating to Lou, you are not only helping Lou with his campaign  but you are helping the residents of South Philly build  a safer and better community. 

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drew murray

182nd district - pa house

Drew Murray, Villanova, PA-born and raised, attended St. Joseph’s Prep for high school and earned a BA from Dickinson College and an MBA from Temple University. Since 2004, he has been a resident of Logan Square where he lives with his family.


In 2011 he became a Board Member of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA), as well as the President of the Friends of Coxe Park. From 2015 to 2019, Drew served as President of LSNA. In addition, Drew serves as the Vice Chair to the Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition and is a Board Member of the Center City District. Drew has proven to be a dynamic leader in both his professional career and his civic engagement.

Drew’s proven track record of leadership makes him an ideal candidate for State Representative of Pennsylvania’s 182nd legislative district.

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John Nungesser.jpg

john nungesser

177th district - pa house

John was born and raised in Port Richmond in the area of Indiana and Livingston Streets. His parents are also life long residents of Port Richmond and his step mother is a proud veteran member of the Philadelphia Police Department with the rank of Sergeant . He is a product of Nativity BVM and Our Lady of Port Richmond, a member of the first graduating class of OLPR.


John is also a graduate of Roman Catholic High and Temple University . He is working at St Anne's Church on Lehigh Ave. a River Ward landmark.  John believes in investing in our youth and plans to work tirelessly to create a multi-faceted trade school in the area that will prepare young students for a brighter and more successful future. 


Other key positions he has taken on is the fight against heroin injection sites, reversing Philadelphia's sanctuary city status and fighting lawlessness created by policies of D.A. Larry Krasner.  He is strong supporter of police, fire, and first responders.  Supports riverfront development, term limits, and organized labor.

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Aaron Bashir

172nd district - pa house

Aaron Bashir is a survivor, entrepreneur, community activist, an adjunct professor, a husband, and a father of three children. In year 1999, Aaron was diagnosed with a severe Aplastic Anemia but was miraculously healed by the supernatural power of Lord Jesus Christ.


Aaron has an MBA degree from Lasalle University, a bachelor’s degree from Temple University, and an Associate Degree from Community College of Philadelphia. As a Christian, conservative, and a strong supporter of President Trump.


Aaron's vision is to make Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, a better, safer, stronger, workable, and livable place with an emphasize on lower taxes and efficient  government to strengthen our communities and working families with a specific focus on the issues of senior citizens, veterans, students, and working families to make Philadelphia & Pennsylvania great again.

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martina white

170th district - pa house

Martina is a business professional who worked in the financial industry advising local families and small business owners on how to accomplish their financial goals. 

As the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college, she was honored to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Elizabethtown College. Her alma mater’s motto is "Educate for Service" expressing their belief that the pursuit of knowledge is most noble when used to benefit others.


She intends to bring fresh innovative ideas to the legislature that are in the best interest of and representative of her community.  She believes the community should have leadership they want and deserve; the kind that gets the job done. 

Martina has worked on key pieces of legislation that have created jobs in Philadelphia, supported tax credits that help families pay for their children to attend the school of their choice.  She supports local first responders and hard working members of organized labor.

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David Torres 4.jpg

david torres


David is dedicated to his community and professionally has overseen programs for those recovering from drug addiction, alcoholism as well as assisting the homeless. He’s also worked in the healthcare field as an HMO sales manager.  Today, he is retired and wants to give back because he is not happy when he sees areas in Philadelphia that were once home to union factory jobs now infested with drugs, crime and unkempt housing.

Addressing the opioid crisis is at the forefront of his platform because real people are suffering and there needs to be further prevention efforts when opioids are prescribed by doctors so people can fully understand the impact they can have on their health and well being.


If elected, he would work to bring investors to the city to produce jobs in fields such as technology and solar energy. Torres would pay special attention to small businesses, which he believes are the backbone of the city. 

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Michael was born and raised in West Philadelphia.  He graduated from West Catholic Boys' and Temple University where he earned his Paralegal certificate from The Institute for Paralegal Training.  He have over 15 years of paralegal experience and has worked in the educational, insurance and security fields, as well. 


Michael has over 20 years of service in the U.S. Navy Reserves and U.S. Air Force Reserves. He is a Philadelphia Block Captain, Committee Person and Ward Chairperson in the 60th Ward. He considers it an honor to be among the Republican Candidates for Congress endorsed by the Philadelphia GOP.

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